How do I set shipping costs on a product basis?

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The connection between the products and the shipping costs is the product weight. The shipping costs and the shipping method depend on the total weight of the shopping basket. The weight is never displayed on the webshop.

This makes it possible to set the weights so that certain shipping costs or shipping methods can be displayed with certain products. Weights can be entered for products and shipping costs in Kilogram or Gram.

Product management
Navigate to Management > Products. (documentation about basic product management)
Shipping costs management
Navigate to Settings > Shipping costs. (documentation about setting shipping costs)

Example 1: big or heavy products can only be picked up

  • Standard delivery: 0Kg - 25Kg
  • Pick-up in the store: 0Kg - 100000Kg

Shipping costs

Shipping methods may overlap. If the weight of the shopping cart is higher than 25Kg, then the first shipping method will not be displayed.

Example 2: digital products or products that can be send by postal letter

Products with a low or no weight can have a separate shipping method:

  • Download online: 0Kg - 0.0001Kg
  • Mailbox post: 0.0001Kg - 0.3Kg
  • Standard delivery: 0.3Kg - 100000Kg

Shipping costs

Setting shipping costs on a product basis

Do not forget to set the weight for all products. If you don't do this, the shipping costs per product will be calculated incorrectly.

Shipping costs

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