Connecting to external platforms

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ConnectionsConnections (previously called Apps) connect your webshop to external parties such as payment providers, delivery services, marketing platforms and office applications.

You can find connections at Settings > More options > Connections.

If Connections is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user experience level to Advanced, at Settings > More options > User experience level.

Types of connections

Connections overview

Connections overview

Premium connections

Premium connections are well supported by our platform and are used by many of our customers.
They are stable and easy to use.

Payment provider

These type of connections allow you to connect your webshop to a payment provider. Usually they perform two actions:

  • Create a payment button on the thank you page after your customers confirm their order
  • Send an API call to change the order status to "Payment received" on successful payment

On a failed payment the customer will be redirected to the thank you page again where another payment method can be chosen.

You do not have to connect to a payment provider for bank, bitcoin and cash payments.

Delivery service

These type of connections allow you to connect to a delivery service.

  • During checkout, your customers can select a delivery option and/or a pick-up location on a map
  • The parcel will be created automatically for you in your account at the delivery service


These type of connections make it possible to connect to product aggregators.
They provide an easy way for exporting your products to other platforms.


These type of connections allow you to synchronize orders with business and office applications.

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Creating sales reports


Widgets are small pieces of HTML and Javascript code that can be installed on your website.
They can provide extra features such as a search box or a cookie warning.

Please note that widgets can make web requests to external web addresses. This can make your website slower and affect the privacy of your visitors. We recommend using them with caution.


EasyWebshop is a feature rich application. You probably don't need many external connections because a lot of functionality is already available on the platform.

Modules can be activated or deactivated to provide extra features for your webshop. They are more tightly integrated than connections, which connect to an external party.

Modules wiki page

Connections on request

Developing new connections and providing technical support is expensive for us. To keep our pricing attractive, we only connect to platforms that are of most interest to our users.

If you want to connect to a platform that is not listed in the connections, you can contact us for developing a new connection.

  • Connecting with a payment provider, shipping service or business application
  • Adding new webshop features

Feel free to contact us for more information about integrating new features.

Installing a connection

Click on the Overview tab at the top of the page. You can find the connections in the list or use the search feature to filter the connections.

  • Click on the logo of the connection to obtain more information
  • Click on the Add button
  • More information will be provided, click on the Confirm button

If documentation is available - this is the case for most connections - you will see a window with instructions for configuring the connection. Usually API-keys have to be copied and entered in the form below.

Please read the documentation carefully. It is kept briefly and contains important information for connecting. No technical or programming knowledge is required for installing a connection. The process is always straightforward and screen captures are provided.

Use your own data and not the example data that is shown on the screen captures. Some connections will not work if for example API-keys are not entered correctly. Make sure there are no white spaces before or after API-keys.

  • Click the Save button to save the configuration
  • Test to see if it works

All documentation can be found separately for each connection on

Connections wiki

Editing or deleting a connection

DeleteEditAfter adding connections they will appear under the Active connections tab. This page gives you an overview of all installed connections and their configuration.

Below each connection you will find the Edit and Delete buttons.

Developing your own connection

It is possible to have an external developer write a new connection for you. The EasyWebshop API can be used for this.

Connections live on their own server. If they are installed correctly, they can be used by all shops of EasyWebshop.

Please use a competent developer. Most of these development projects fail because of an inexperienced developer. Do not intent to write a connection yourself if you don't have the technical knowledge. Our support service can not help with programming questions.

API documentation

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