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SlideshowThis feature allows you to add a slideshow - a presentation of a series of still images - to your webshop. The slideshow is usually the first thing your visitors will notice, thus it's a great opportunity for leaving an impression.


You can use the slideshow on your homepage, category pages and newly added pages. The slideshow is mobile friendly, search engine friendly and multilingual. You can create multiple slideshows, a slideshow can be added to multiple pages and a page can contain multiple slideshows.

Despite all its features, the slideshow is very easy to use. The most important thing to keep in mind is to provide large photos of high quality.

Adding a new slideshow

Navigate to Marketing > Slideshow. When there are no slideshows yet, you will see the new slideshow form. If there are already slideshows, you can add an additional slideshow by choosing Add in the slideshow selection menu.

Next, choose the page and the page location where you want to add the slideshow.

Slideshows can be different for each language, so repeat if your webshop is multilingual. You can change the language in the language selection menu.

Slideshow selection menu

You can navigate trough your slideshows using slideshow selection menu.

Adding and editing a slide

Click the New slide button to add a new slide to your slideshow.
Click the Edit icon next to the slide to edit the chosen slide.

Edit buttons

The most important part of your slideshow are high quality photos. It is advisable to upload photos as large as possible: this way they will not be blurry if they are stretched. The maximum file size is 5MB, allowed formats are .jpg, .gif and .png. If the photo is too large, it will be proportionally rescaled to 1920x1920 pixels.

You can also choose Insert image. This allows you to choose and buy a stock image. For optimal quality we recommend choosing the largest size when downloading the image.
The text that will be shown on the slide. Leave this blank for no text.
This option allows you to temporary hide a slide, without having to delete it.
You can have your slide link to a product, a category, an internal page or to an external page. If you choose to link to a product, enter and select the product code. For categories and pages, choose the desired category or page from the selection menu. For an external page, enter the web address. Leave the hyperlink blank if you just want to show the image without a link.

Changing the order of slides

After you added slides, you can move them around by dragging and dropping them with your mouse, or by clicking the up and down arrows.

Edit buttons

Editing a slideshow

You can find the form for editing your slideshow below the slide list. Each slideshow can have different settings in each language. We recommend to keep the settings consistent among your slideshows: this way you don't confuse your visitors.

Slideshow page location

Choose the page and the page location where you want to add the slideshow. To add the slideshow on multiple pages, click the Add button.
Choose the number of seconds you want each slide to be displayed.
Choose the height of your slideshow.
Previous / Next
Choose if you want to have the previous and next arrows on the edge of each slide displayed. This allows your visitors to navigate to the previous and to the next slide.
Choose if you want to have navigation squares or circles displayed on the slide. This allows your visitors to navigate to individual slides.
Progress bar
Choose if you want to display a progress bar on the bottom of each slide. When the progressbar reached the end, the next slide fades in.
Text size
Choose the size of the texts on your slides.
Text display
Choose the placement of the texts on your slides.

Slideshow tips and tricks

The slideshow will automatically insert the [WEBSHOP_SLIDESHOW1] keyword on your pages and categories. To gain finer control of the placement of your slideshow, you can move this keyword around. The number in the keyword refers to the number of the slideshow.

Text on your slides will automatically be indexed by search engines. Avoid adding images with text in them: these texts will not be indexed by search engines.


A wide slideshow looks better than a square slideshow. In order to obtain this effect, the photos are sometimes cut at the top and at the bottom. On mobile devices, the slideshow will adapt to the size of the screen. Keep this in mind when placing text directly on your slide images.

Deleting a slide

Click the Delete icon next to the slide to delete the chosen slide.

Edit buttons

A deleted slide cannot be recovered.

Deleting a slideshow

To delete a slideshow, simply delete all the slides in your slideshow.

A deleted slideshow cannot be recovered.

Possible Problems

The slideshow does not appear
When activating the slideshow module, the keyword [WEBSHOP_SLIDESHOW1] is inserted automatically on the homepage. It's possible you have deleted this keyword. Put the keyword back on the page where you want the slideshow to appear.
Outdated web browser
The slideshow does not appear in the outdated Internet Explorer. Unfortunately we can not do anything about this: the slideshow works correctly in all recent web browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera).

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