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EasyWebshopThis documentation/wiki describes how you can create and manage an online store with the EasyWebshop software. We aim to keep the software as easy to use as possible, so you do not need to read through the complete documentation.

The documentation is meant for starters as well as for advanced users. No prior knowledge is required. All features of the application are described as clearly as possible, without giving useless information. You will not find any information about how to write code or how to use XML in this documentation.

Hint: use the key combination CTRL and + in order to enlarge this text. (Use Command and + on Mac).

What is an online shop or online store?

An online shop or online store is a website where services and / or products can be bought through the internet.

  • An online shop is available 24/7, without extra staffing costs
  • Customers can find, purchase and pay products online
  • Customers can find products online and purchase them in the physical store
  • An online shop can exist by itself or complete an existing physical store
  • An online shop can replace a company website or be a supplement to an existing website



EasyWebshop was originally started in Belgium, but now operates globally in 20 different languages.

The application is meant for smaller hobby shops as well as for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to sell their products in a professional and affordable way.

This documentation contains useful advice for making your online store successful. You don't need prior knowledge of programming or web design. The applications' user-friendly interfaces offer you the possibility to hassle-free configure and manage your shop.

Time investment required

Many of our customers are entrepreneurs with a busy schedule. The software is designed in such a way that most relevant topics can be learned easily. The time investment needed mainly depends on the complexity of your shop and the number of products.

The best way to start is to spend some time with our application on a daily basis. You can easily add products, upload photos or alter texts on your website. Once you get to know the system, you will be able to perform updates on your website much faster than the time it takes of mailing everything to a web designer.

System requirements

You can start your online shop without installing software. EasyWebshop is a cloud service, there is no need for extra web hosting or installing an app.

You can log in from any place in the world and manage your shop through a secure SSL connection. All you need is an internet connection. EasyWebshop works with all recent web browsers on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix. You can also manage your shop on your notebook, tablet and smartphone.

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