Better websites, user friendly designs

With respect for your privacy

We do not use cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Your data and the data of your customers does not end up in the hands of big tech companies.

Better websites, user friendly designs
Fastest loading times

Fastest loading times

Because we fully own our infrastructure, we can optimize every component.

You notice the difference immediately when you browse through our websites.

A good website looks good but it also has to be technically up to standard

No pop-ups, trackers and other nonsense

The biggest annoyances of the web - not with us!

Our websites are free of trackers and the privacy of your visitors maintains respected.

Fastest loading times
Fastest loading times

Comfortable mobile browsing

Most people will visit your website with a smartphone. All designs are therefore mobile friendly.

Automatic language detection ensures that your visitors see the website in their language.

Compliant with web standards

Our designs closely follow web standards and keep the underlying codes clean and structured.

Search engines index websites better when they are conform to the web standards.

EasyWebshop management

Create your own website without the need for an expensive web designer

EasyWebshop management

Personalize to your desire

Choose one of the pre-designed themes or be creative with our designer.

All themes can be personalized in detail.

Ample experience

EasyWebshop was launched in 2009 in Belgium. Our experience in web design goes back to 1997.

We keep our application up-to-date and always follow the latest trends.

EasyWebshop management

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