Reservation system

Calendar app for websites

Symcalia is a reservation system that integrates seamlessly into your website and shopping cart.

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Repair shops
Classes, Workshops
Equipment rental
Events, Subscriptions
Agenda scheduling
B&B, Bookings
Vehicle rental

Works on all your devices

Manage your reservations the way you like, from home, at the office and on the go.

The intuitive interfaces adapt to the size of your screen and your calendar synchronizes automatically.

Collect payments instantly

Your customers can pay in person or online.

Payment options

Open in wallet

Perfectly integrated into your website

There are no technical installations. Symcalia just works.

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Transparent pricing

US $ 57.95Monthly for an online store
US $ 0.00Per reservation

Work less, automate more

Let your website work for you. Your customers can select their desired date and time, confirm the reservation and pay online.

You will get notified by email or instant message when a new order comes in. The calendar gives you a clear overview of your agenda.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Symcalia for other categories?
You can use Symcalia for everything that can be rented and for any type of bookings, reservations and appointments.
How do I create a website?
You can create a website or online store using the EasyWebshop platform. With product management you can add a calendar.
Do I need to install an app?
No. Symcalia is web based, which means you don't have to install an app or give it access to your phone.
What's the price for the online store?
You need the Business version for Symcalia. The price is US $ 57.95 per month and includes all features, a domain name and mailbox.

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