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SMSThe live chat module allows you to communicate in real-time with your visitors. When they ask a question through your website a chat window opens in the back-end. You can then immediately communicate with your visitor.

How to activate?

Click on Dashboard > Chat > Activate. You can also activate the chat directly from your dashboard. From that moment your visitors can start a chat conversation in your shop.

When you receive a new message while the browser window is not focused, you will hear a notification sound and the title of the webpage will blink.

If you do not answer within 90 seconds, your visitor will receive a message to ask the question on the contact page.

If you receive messages from multiple visitors at once, tabs will be created in the chat window which allow you to switch between conversations.

How to deactivate?

By logging out or by pressing the close icon the live chat is removed from your shop.

Do not forget to log out or to close the chat if you stop answering messages! Visitors will not appreciate it if they do not receive an answer on a live chat.


The live chat is compatible with all smartphones and web browsers, except Internet Explorer.

Android BrowserOKAndroid Browser
Apple SafariOKApple Safari
Crhome for AndroidOKChrome for Android
Internet ExplorerNot compatibleInternet Explorer

Internet Explorer
We are waiting for an update from Microsoft for support for Server-sent events. This is the technology we use to send messages directly to the receiver. Without Server-sent events we would need to use "polling": a technology which checks every 10 seconds if there is a new message. Polling, however, consumes a lot of unnecessary network load and server load, making it very a inefficient method. Also, the messages are not received immediately which makes the conversation not real-time. For these reasons we do not use polling.

Conversation between browsers

External chat services

At EasyWebshop you have the freedom to use any chat service you want: every external chat service can be installed in your shop.

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