Are there extra costs when starting an online shop?

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There are no extra or hidden costs at [ADMIN_WEB_TITLE].

We do not charge for:

  • Starting your online shop (set-up fee)
  • Transactions in your shop, we do not take a percentage of your revenue
  • For using extra languages
  • For using our templates
  • For contacting the help desk
  • For registering or transferring a domain name for your online shop (1 domain name is included)
  • For the hosting of your shop (included)
  • For data traffic (included)
  • For SSL/TLS certificates (installed by default)

Shipping costs

ShippingMost likely you will have to pay shipping costs to your courier. These costs can be charged to your customers in our Professional and Business versions.

Payment costs

Payment iconPayment service providers charge fees for processing transactions through bank cards, credit cards or online wallets such as PayPal. A European bank transfer to your bank account are free.

In our Professional and Business versions you can charge the payment costs to your customers.

Make sure that your customers can always choose a payment method that is free. If not, some customers will cancel their order at checkout.

Lay-out and logo

Webshop layoutWith our build-in lay-out manager you can design your shop yourself. If you employ a web designer he or she will charge for designing your lay-out or your logo.

Terms and Privacy Statement

GDPRStarting from May 25, 2018, any organization that processes or controls personally identifiable information about EU residents must implement strict organizational and technical measures to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). EasyWebshop provides a compliance tool for webshops who sell to EU residents. This tool offers the ability to be compliant with GDPR at minimal cost. The costs depends on the number of languages.

Are there no extra costs at all?

Webshop layoutNo, in our Professional and Business versions you can charge all possible costs to your customers. You can have a professional online shop for €14,95 per month guaranteed.

Invest in your product and marketing!

Our online shops are very low priced, making it very easy to start online selling. Unfortunately, due to this some merchants start an online shop without any preparation.

The success of an online shop mainly depends on the products, the correct marketing and the decisions of the captain of the ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

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