Will there be advertisements on my online shop?

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Off course we never place advertisements on the non-free versions. We will only place advertisements on the free shops consuming much data traffic. In no case we use pop-ups or annoying advertising banners.

The advertisements in the free shops are needed to compensate the hosting costs. Without advertisements, we could never offer free shops. The content of the advertisements is chosen by the advertiser. We do not deal with requests to reject certain advertisements.

For € 3.95 per month, you have a Basic shop with more features and a domain name, without advertisements.

Annoying advertisements in Basic, Professional en Business

We never put advertisements on our Basic, Professional and Business shops. Unfortunately, there is malware that can display advertisements on the websites that you visit. These advertisements are not sent by those websites, they come from the browser on your computer.

  • Scan your computer for computer viruses
  • Visit your website with another web browser
  • Visit your website on a friend or colleagues' computer

It's possible that certain plugins that you install in your shop show advertisements or pop-ups. Be careful with visitor counters and social plugins!

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