When will the next update be ready?

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UpdatelistYou can follow the progress of our updates by logging in and navigating to to the update list.

When an update is ready it will be added to our news items.

The update list is not chronological: updates that are useful for many customers will be implemented faster. Therefore, it is not possible to predict when a particular update will be ready.

If you want an update to be implemented more quickly, you can vote for it on the update list.

Development process

Each update is first planned, prototyped, programmed, tested and finally implemented. An update will only be implemented after it has been thoroughly tested, not a day earlier! Only this way can we can provide the best software quality.

Each update is automatically available for all our customers. Programming has a spicy price tag: we only can get the price of our software so low because it is spread over all our customers. When updating, we have to consider all our customers. Sometimes it happens that customer inquiries conflict with each other. In that case a decision is made according to what is most useful for most customers. Therefore, we can not program custom features for a single shop.

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