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28 May 2019, 10:00

Recently we've updated the newsletter feature in your webshop.

Newsletters are an easy and economical way for keeping in touch with your customers. Email is also a very reliable method for communication. Use the newsletter feature for sending promotions, to announce new products and to send important notifications to your customers.

EasyWebshop includes a newsletter feature for all Business customers. There is no cost or extra fee for sending newsletters. To use this feature, navigate to Marketing > Newsletter.

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What's new?

The updated version supports higher limits (up to 10.000 recipients), is easier to use and provides cleaner looking newsletters.

As always: keep it simple

  • Keep it short and simple: people don't like to read large texts on a screen.
  • Send a maximum of one newsletter per week, we all hate spam!
  • Send a newsletter when you have something new and interesting. Your customers will be grateful.

Thank you for using EasyWebshop! Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions regarding this update.


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