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12 November 2018, 17:30

We've recently updated the customer review feature in your shop. There is a change in policy, so this update may be important to you.

Customer reviews

EasyWebshop provides a review feature for your shop, products and blog posts. This feature can be used by all our customers for free.


For your shop and orders
Reviews for your shop are shown in our directory. This gives your shop an advantage in search engines, as the review stars get indexed.

For your products
Your customers can review the products they bought. You can enable and manage reviews on a product basis in product management at Advanced > Reviews.

For your blog posts
Your customers can add reviews to your blog posts. You can enable and manage this for each blog post individually at Marketing > Blog.

Who can add a review?

  • Only customers can add reviews
  • One review per order, product or blog post

Inviting your customers to write a review

You can enable the review invitation email at Marketing > Customer reviews.

The email can be customized at Settings > Automatic emails. Make sure you include the review invitation link: this link gives your customer permission to add a review.

Customer reviewsAutomatic emails

Replying to reviews

  • Reply to shop and order reviews at Marketing > Customer reviews
  • Reply to product reviews at Management > Products
  • Reply to blog reviews at Marketing > Blog

When replying to reviews, please do so in a positive and constructive way. New customers often read reviews to get an idea of the service you are offering.

Customer reviewsProduct managementBlog

Displaying customer satisfaction in your shop

You can add the customer satisfaction widget to your shop at Marketing > Customer reviews.


Deleting reviews

Deleting reviews is a sensitive topic. When a sale goes wrong, the story usually has two sides. Some review sites allow for deleting reviews when paid for. This is a disgraceful activity and it ruins the credibility of the review site.

Shop reviews are shown in our directory. We do not allow to delete them, and you can not pay us to delete them. Your customer can delete the review in his or her account at the orders overview or by using the review invitation link sent by email.

Product reviews and blog reviews are shown on your website. Since it's your website, you can decide which reviews are shown on it. These reviews can be deleted.


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