There are too many steps in the checkout process

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This is the default ordering process of EasyWebshop:

Step 1
Shopping cart summary + estimation of shipping costs without the need of entering address details
Step 2
The customer can choose between ordering as a guest or creating an account. This step is the default setting Hybrid and can be skipped if desired.
Step 3 (or 2)
The customer enters his or her details. Optionally a shipping method and a payment method can be chosen. Form fields can also be added if desired.
Step 4 (or 3)
A summary of the order is shown. The customer can still modify the order without loss of data. For example: the customer can add extra products or change the payment method. It's not possible to skip this step: this step is needed to prevent faulty inputs as much as possible.
Step 5 (or 4)
The order is placed and the customer is redirected to the payment service provider. Some payment service providers have more steps than others. At this point the customers leaves your shop and enters the website of the payment service provider.
Step 6 (or 5)
Thank you page: the customer sees the thank you page if the payment succeeded. If the payment has failed the customer can choose another payment method.

During ordering the customer sees this steps in a process bar and can also navigate between the steps.

Recommendations for a fast checkout

  • Limit categories to 7 per level
  • Make sure customers can find your products within 3 clicks
  • You can set the checkout procedure to guest so there's no need for creating an account
  • If you don't use shipping costs and form fields, they won't be displayed at checkout
  • Provide sufficient payment methods

One page checkout

We do not offer a one page checkout. For us, our main goal is that the checkout is user friendly. Ordering must be possible with all mobile devices and with browsers without scripting. The customer must be able to return and modify the order without the need of re-entering all his or her details.

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