Shipping costs are not added to the order or are calculated incorrectly

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If the shipping costs are not calculated, check if a shipping cost has been set for the total weight of the shopping cart.

Most common errors

No shipping rule for the weight of the shopping cart
For example, when a shipping rule is set from 1Kg to 5Kg. If an order has the weight of 0.5Kg or 6Kg, then there will be no shipping costs.
No shipping rule for the country
Choose Worldwide if you want the shipping costs to be applicable for each country.
No shipping rule outside of the city or town
If you specify a City or Zip code, you limit the shipping rule to only this specific city or zip code.
"Collect on delivery", but no payment method "Payment on delivery"
If the combination of shipping methods and payment methods is not possible, then the customer can not choose the shipping method.

If the shipping costs are incorrectly calculated, then a shipping cost rule is set incorrectly. Make the exact same order in your shop as a test. Look at the shipping costs. Check in the management interface which setting is applicable and correct it.

If the customer can not choose a shipping method, check if there is a shipping method added for the country of the customer. For example: a customer from Belgium will not be able to select a shipping method if you only ship in the Netherlands. You can add a shipping method "Pickup in the store" for the country "Worldwide". This way customers from every country can place an order.

The total amount of the order is not correct

In this case, there is usually a problem with the settings of the shipping costs, discounts or surcharges.

Avoid complex discount structures, preferably do not add more than 10 discount rules. This prevents that a discount or surcharge unexpectedly will be added to an order.

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