Setting stock or inventory in online shop

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You can set the stock of each product in the Stock field.

The product inventory is updated automatically when an order is placed. From that moment, the product is "reserved" for the customer.

This is why:

  • The customer can change the payment method after the order. Not all payment providers let us know if the payment is received. Customers can also pay by bank transfer. We can never know for sure whether a payment was received. (And if the stock needs to be updated)

  • A customer could pay a few hours or a day later. Meanwhile, another customer can order the same product which only one was left in stock. Then you received two payments, but you have only one product in stock.

Unfortunately, there is always a percentage of customers who change their minds last minute or find out that they have insufficient funds after their order. In this case, you will need to adjust your inventory manually.

For an infinite stock or for digital products, enter 0. If there's no stock left, change the status of the product to Sold Out.

Stock valueMeaningIndication
1Unique productLimited Stock
< 10Less than 10Limited Stock
>= 10More than 10Large stock
0Infinite stock, dropshipping or digital productLarge stock
0 + Status "Sold Out"Depleted stockSold out

At Shop settings you can set the stock indication.

Display stock
Yes: the exact stock is displayed in the list view and on the detail page of your products.
No: the stock is never displayed. However, customers can not order more items than available in stock.
Indication: if there are less than 10 products in stock: "Limited stock" is displayed, otherwise "Large stock" appears.

When the product status is set to Sold out or Available, but not in stock, the stock is not displayed.

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