Planned updates in 2024

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27 December 2023, 10:00

We'll keep it short - you already receive enough emails around this time. Despite the economic challenges, we continue to expand and improve our webshop software.

EasyWebshop remains the most affordable provider with the most features!

Wish lists

Sometimes a customer does not want to buy a product immediately or wants to buy a product that is temporarily sold out. It is then convenient that your customer can add the product to a wish list.

As a merchant, you will have an overview of the wished products and you can notify your customers on stock and price updates.

Expanding product personalization

Those familiar with our application probably use product variations or product personalization, or the combination. Until now, only product variations could have a separate price.

This update will expand product personalization to make price increases (or decreases) possible when personalizing products. The interfaces will also get a more user friendly design.

Personalized forms

Your website has a built-in contact form with spam protection.

With this update, we want to expand contact forms to give you as a website administrator infinite freedom to design personalized contact forms.

Updates will be announced via newsletter

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