Our new email service is now ready

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24 May 2023, 12:00

It seems obvious: a fast and well-functioning mailbox. A technology you rely on every day to communicate with your customers. Yet there is a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that everything is operational.

Last year we launched a new email service. Unfortunately, we made a wrong choice with regard to the data center. The result was occasional outages which were unpleasant for both our customers and us.

Meanwhile, the email service has been migrated to a new data center and has been fine-tuned. You do not have to do anything yourself: we have carried out this update for you. The mailbox and email forwarding addresses are included in every paid version.

  • 1 GB mailbox space in the Basic and Professional versions
  • 10 GB mailbox space in Business (1 mailbox of 10 GB or 10 mailboxes of 1 GB)

Privacy guarantee

Unlike free email services, we do not share or sell your data. Your privacy is protected and guaranteed.


We do not bother you with unwanted advertising messages and ask you to do the same to your customers. It is not allowed to send newsletters with the mailbox; use the newsletter feature for this. Here, customers have explicitly given permission to receive emails.


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