New CMS and product management

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21 December 2017, 9:00

Recently we have completed and implemented two large projects in our webshop software: new page management (CMS) and new product management.

Both interfaces have improved user-friendliness and improved efficiency workflow. The application is now also compatible with tablets and smartphones: this way you always have control over your webshop, no matter where you are.

Product management

As an entrepreneur, your time is a precious commodity: you don't want to waste time on technical manuals or on figuring out how an application works. The new product management has been specially designed to be able to start immediately and without complex procedures.

New product management

Page management (CMS)

The new page management focuses on simplicity and ease of use. You can now create attractive and informative pages in no time, which are automatically optimized for search engines.

Tip: keep your pages consistent, avoid alternating fonts and text colors. Use photos to bring your website to life.

New page management

New updates

The year 2017 was a year full of big updates. Multishop functionality was implemented, new apps were added and our SEO program was launched. New templates were added and a new interface for web designers was also implemented. Category management, page management and product management became more user-friendly and 4 new languages were added, making our platform available in 20-languages.

We will continue with this success formula: improved user-friendliness, efficient management and further automation. The updates can be followed on our update list and on our news page.

News page

What will not change in 2018?

In our 8-year existence we have never raised our prices. This is also not planned for 2018: we remain the most affordable webshop provider with the most features!

Happy Holidays

On behalf of EasyWebshop we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We also wish you a lot of success, new customers and orders with your webshop in 2018!

January is traditionally our best month in revenue: many entrepreneurs are starting a new project. We are expanding our capacity so we can offer you a top quality webshop and fast help desk responses.


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