My customer can not create an account and/or place an order

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OrderEach day, hundreds of orders placed in all shops [ADMIN_WEB_TITLE]. Sometimes things go wrong and the customer must be contacted personally.

The customer must confirm his or her e-mail address to create an account. This is necessary to ensure that the customer does not enter false data. Unfortunately, this is sometimes an obstacle when ordering.

The confirmation e-mail will not arrive for the following reasons:

  • The customer has entered consciously or unconsciously an incorrect e-mail address
  • E-mail comes in the spam folder or is automatically deleted by an incorrectly configured spam filter
  • The mailbox of the customer is full


The confirmation e-mail can be sent again at the recovery page of your shop. This is the address (URL) of your shop with /recovery at the end.

Ask your customer to use a Hotmail or Gmail e-mail address. These e-mail services are free, easy to use and have properly configured spam filters.

Ask your customer to add the e-mail address to the address book. This way spam filters will consider this e-mail address as reliable.

If this still fails, your customer can also choose Order as a guest. Make sure the Checkout of your shop is set to Guest or Hybrid at Settings > Customers checkout. This way there is no confirmation of the e-mail address necessary.

If this also doesn't work, you can place the order manually for your customer using the POS.

The VAT number of my customer is not accepted

VAT numbers are automatically checked in the European VAT database. If the VAT number is correct, the customer data is filled out automatically.

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