Layout update - part 2

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16 November 2021, 10:30

A few months ago we launched a new version of our layout designer. Some of our customers have already created very nice designs for their websites with this. A large group stayed with their trusted layouts and that is of course fine. We will continue to support both systems and updating is not mandatory.

We already received many suggestions from you and we see that some customers had trouble setting the layout to their liking. Therefore this extra update.

Ease of Use

In the previous layout designer (version 3), you could pick a template, set color combinations and fonts, and upload a logo if you wanted. For many of our customers, this was insufficient: they want to be able to personalize every detail of the website. We have responded to that wish. Because the new layout designer (version 4) has a lot more features, it is a bit more difficult to find everything.

EasyWebshop is known for being user-friendly and can be used in an intuitive way. Our ultimate goal was to find the sweet spot between many features and ultimate ease of use. We found an elegant solution for this:

With this update we have added in the designer an Easy Mode and an Advanced Mode. By default the Easy Mode is used with only the most used items. In the designer's settings you can switch to Advanced.

Layout management

Keep it simple

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with a webshop without having to hire the help of an expensive developer or web designer. The most important tips we can give to create a website yourself:

  • Keep it clean, easy and simple
  • Photos bring a website to life
  • Take into account visitors with poorer eyes; so don't use small print and make sure there is enough contrast

Better websites

The layout update was a mega-project for us and has made our websites better in all aspects. A webshop is much more than what the eye observes: a customer should feel comfortable there, be able to choose, order and checkout quickly. And the owner of the webshop must be able to make adjustments in an instant.

Why our websites are better

Thank you!

We can't repeat it often enough: thank you for being our loyal customer! Some of you have been with us for over a decade and we appreciate that very much. Without you there would be no EasyWebshop!

For the future we have planned some updates that will be interesting for our professional customers. The stability and keeping your website or webshop online is our priority. That's why we implement updates step by step without major changes.


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