How does the shopping cart work in EasyWebshop?

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The shopping cart in your shop is more than just a classic digital shopping cart.

[ADMIN_WEB_TITLE] shopping carts are automatically saved for 30 days. If your customer visits your shop again on the same computer within 30 days, the products remain in his or her shopping cart.

But there's more: if your customer is logged in and the order has not yet been confirmed, the cart is connected to the customer account. If the same customer logs back in later from any computer, the products are still in the shopping cart.

Have you ever placed an order in an online shop, where you decided at the last step to buy an additional product? When you go back to the checkout, you have to re-enter all your data! With the shops of [ADMIN_WEB_TITLE] this is not the case: the data your customers enter is saved during the order process.

These features make your shop more user-friendly for your customers, so you end up selling more.

Finally, you can also follow the shopping carts at the visitor analysis and you can see what products remain in abandoned shopping carts.

Shopping cart / Shopping basket / Shopping bag

Shopping cartShopping basketShopping bagAt Settings > Shop settings you can set the appearance of the shopping cart.

You can also disable the shopping cart. If you disable it, your shop becomes a showcase website where customers can only look at your products.

If you deactivate this option, your customers will not be able to purchase anything online.

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