How do I give a discount on multiple products or categories?

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With EasyWebshop it's possible to create special discounts when combining multiple systems. This can be done easily without complex operations.

Product management
Product discounts can be set here, such as old price, volume discounts and separate prices for customer groups.
Discounts / Surcharges module
Use this module for discounts and surcharges based on the complete order.

Discounts are automatically accumulated. Avoid combining more than 3 discount rules + conditions. If discounts are accumulated in an uncontrolled way, this can lead to situations where too much discount is given or even where the order amount becomes negative.

Example 1: discount on some products

Discount example 1

Step 1 of 3: create an invisible category

Create a new category Discount category and make it invisible.

Discount example step 1

Step 2 of 3: create the discount and conditions

Create a new discount Discount / surcharge percent (or any other type of discount). Click New condition and choose Category. Select Discount category, the category that you have created in the previous step. If desired, you can add extra conditions. (see example 2)

Discount example step 2

Step 3 of 3: add products

You can now select your products to include in this discount condition. At product management, click the Advanced tab. At Category 2, select your Discount category that you have created earlier.

Discount example step 3

Done! Discounts will now automatically be calculated on the products that you have added to the discount category.

Example 2: combination category discount with customer discount

Discount example 2

This example continues on example 1. You can extend the discount even further by adding multiple conditions. In the example below you will see a discount (gift product C001) for products in the discount category and for the customer group VIP customers:

Discount example step 4

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