How do I create a mobile / responsive online shop?

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MobileWith a responsive design your online shop can be displayed on all mobile devices:

  • Smartphones and PDA's (horizontally and vertically)
  • Tablets (horizontally and vertically)
  • Netbooks, mini laptops and ultrabooks
  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • Smart TV's and projection screens

To support all these devices extra flexibility is needed. Responsive websites are "liquid" and spread the content over the screen for optimal display and usability.

On a responsive online shop all objects are placed below each other if there is insufficient horizontal space. It's possible that on a wide desktop screen 8 products are displayed horizontally and they are displayed below each other on a smartphone.

Activating responsive templates

Navigate to Settings > Layout > Edit. At the top under the cloud icon you can choose a template (or design).

The templates with the Responsive icon can adapt depending on the screen size of your visitors. These templates work on smartphones and tablets.

Keep in mind

  • Avoid using the High quality photos module, these have slower load times and do not scale well on smartphones.
  • Do not install widgets or plugins that are displayed above the content of your website. They can fill the screen completely on a smartphone.

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