How do I add Chinese fonts?

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Find your font at Google Fonts.

W3SChools has a useful page about using Google Fonts.

Adding the font to your online store

Now that you have chosen your Chinese font, you can add it to the website.

You could put the link tag referring to the font in the META section (using the META-tags modules) and add the style in the layout designer. However, if your online store is multilingual, the font will be included in all languages. We only want the font to be used in the Chinese version.

  • Navigate to Management > CMS
  • Use the tabs to change the language to Chinese
  • Scroll down and edit the CMS Footer as shown in the screen capture

Insert Chinese fonts

Code that is added to the CMS Footer in Chinese will be used on every page in the Chinese language.

  • Click Insert > Edit HTML in the text editor
  • Paste the code for the font, as shown in the example
  • Click Save while still in the Edit HTML mode


Reload your webpage. It should now use the Chinese font.

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