How can I move from my current provider to EasyWebshop?

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Step 1: fill your shop in the free version

It's best to start with our free version and fill the shop with categories and products. In the free version it's also possible to (partially) set your lay-out.

Click start to start your new shop.

Step 2: upgrade without domain name

When you're ready you can upgrade to a paid version. Optionally you can do this without registering a domain name yet.
Your shop will then be accessible on the shop URL:

You can upgrade at Settings > Upgrade.

Step 3: transfer your domain name and e-mail

When you are ready to change provider, you can transfer your domain name to us. You can do this at Settings > My domain names > New domain name. If an email address is attached to the domain name, create a backup copy of all e-mail first. After the domain name transfer you can create a new e-mail address at Settings > Modules > Email settings.

For transferring your domain name (not .be domain names, but .nl, .eu, .com, ...) you need the transfer code. You can ask this code at your current provider. For .be domain names the code is sent by to the e-mail address attached to the domain name once the domain name is requested.

Step 4: search engine optimization

Moving between providers always has a negative impact on your search results. This is because the structure of the website is usually completely different. Therefore, you will received less visitors from search engines during the first months. This will be restored automatically because your shop at [ADMIN_WEB_TITLE] is optimized for optimal search engine results.

Some shop software providers promise that there will be no visitors lost when switching. There are no guarantees for this: it's often used as a marketing ploy to convince new customers.

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