How can I change the sort order of my categories and products?

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You can drag the categories in the order you want at Management > Categories yourself. If you click the Sort alphabetically button, they are automatically sorted for you according to the alphabet.


You can change the sort order for your products at Settings > Shop settings > Product list > Sort (Default).

This setting applies to your product lists, product variations, related products and the products on your homepage.

Customized sorting of your products

It is best to change the setting to Article, Ascending. This is an example of article codes:

  • A001
  • A002
  • A015
  • B001
  • ...

Caution! Computers sort character by character.
For example: A0, A10, A8, A9.
In this example, A10 comes before A8 is because 8 is greater than 1.

This will sort as expected: A00, A08, A09, A10.

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