How can I change my homepage?

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Welcome text

  • Navigate to Management > CMS
  • Choose the page Home

You can now enter your own welcome text and add photos and/or videos.

  • Click Save

Show or hide products and categories

Category IconAt Settings > Shop settings you can set if and how many categories and products must be shown on your homepage.

To prevent the home page becomming too large, only main categories and a maximum of 24 products are shown. The other categories and products can be found at Webshop.

You can also choose which products you want to displayed on the homepage. For each product there is an option Promote this product on the homepage of my shop under Advanced options. Activate this on the products that you want to display. These products will then be displayed randomly on the homepage.

Show or hide a slideshow

Slideshow IconYou can add a Slideshow (or slider) to your homepage.

Show or hide social networks

Social network IconAt Marketing > Social networks you can set if and which social networks must be shown on your homepage.

Some common mistakes

Warning icon

  • Text with low contrast
  • Text that is irritating to read
  • Effects from the 90s are no longer up to date
  • Large blocks of text in italics are difficult to read
  • Avoid repeating punctuation!!!
  • Do not write "Welcome in my shop, ...": people know they are visiting your shop

Frequently Asked Questions

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