How can I avoid spam?

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This page explains how to prevent unwanted email or spam.


Never put your email address on a website

Spambots scan websites to harvest email addresses. Each shop of EasyWebshop has a contact form with spam protection: you never have to put your email address on your website.

Don't make it too easy for spammers

Avoid email addresses like,, or These are easy to guess: spammers will try them first.

Do not open spam emails

Do not open .doc, .docx, .exe, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx and .zip files on the web or in emails.

Use disposable email addresses

If you need to enter your email address on a website that you do not trust you can use a disposable email address, for example Mailinator.

Be careful! These email addresses are not secure!

Change your email address

Is your mailbox filled with spam on a daily basis? Unfortunately there is nothing you can do: you can not "opt out" on spam emails. Spam filters can provide temporary relief but are not a watertight solution.

The only real solution is to delete your email address and create a new email address.

Use a secure operating system

Most viruses live on the Windows platform. About 50% of these computers are infected with a virus, adware or malware.

If your computer is slow, if you see a lot of ads, or if there is activity on your router without you downloading something, chances are that your computer is infected.

More secure operating systems are Mac OS and Linux.

Our software is compatible with all operating systems, tablets and smartphones.

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