Gift cards update

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2 January 2021, 12:00

Good news! We have recently added new features that make the management of your webshop more user-friendly.

Gift vouchers

Gift cards (gift certicicates, vouchers or discount coupons) can be used to give your customers credit by means of a gift certificate. The customer who purchased the gift card or another customer can use the gift card using a discount code that is unique for each gift card.

Discounts and gift cards are available in the Business version.

Gift cards

Easier management of shipping costs

Your webshop has been optimized for a smooth checkout. Your customers will always be able to order, even if the shipping costs are not set correctly. If there are no shipping costs set for the total weight of a shopping cart, the order can still be completed without shipping costs.

We have made shipping costs management more user-friendly and straightforward, so adding shipping costs is now super easy. Shipping costs can be added in the Professional and Business version.

Improved export feature

Many merchants want to download an overview of their orders, ordered products or stock at the end of a month or at the end of a quarter. This can be automated with our API or via the web interface using the export feature. We have recently improved this feature to make it easier to download all your data.

The export feature is available in all versions. Make sure the date range is correct and keep in mind the limit of 1,000 items per file. If you want to download more items, multiple files can be downloaded by reducing the date range.

Upcoming updates

We received a lot of suggestions from our users to implement new features. As always, we collect all suggestions on the update list. Currently, we are giving the layout update priority.

Enjoy the holidays, stay safe, stay healthy and best of luck with your webshop!


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