Can my shop be integrated into an existing website?

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Technically, it is possible through an iframe, but that's not really a good solution:

  • The shop will not be (properly) indexed in search engines
  • The shop will not be displayed properly for mobile users

Solution 1: two websites

For example, you have a website
Your shop will be:

On your current website, add a new menu item Shop. On the new website (your shop at EasyWebshop) you can set your logo and colors equally like the current website. So your customers see that it is the same company.

  • Advantage: can be done quickly, no major changes needed
  • Disadvantage: it can be confusing for the customers because there are two websites
  • Disadvantage: you have to maintain and pay for two websites

Solution 2: the shop becomes the main website

You can also move everything to EasyWebshop. An online shop is actually a website, with web pages, texts, photos etc.

  • Advantage: efficient and economical because only one website must be maintained
  • Advantage: no confusion for your customers, everything is on one website
  • Disadvantage: all texts and photos must be transferred

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