Can my shop be integrated into an existing website?

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Technically, it is possible through an iframe, but that's not really a good solution:

  • The shop will not be (properly) indexed in search engines
  • The shop will not be displayed properly for mobile users

Solution 1: two websites

For example, you have a website
Your shop will be:

On your current website, add a new menu item Shop. On the new website (your shop at [ADMIN_WEB_TITLE]) you can set your logo and colors equally like the current website. So your customers see that it is the same company.

  • Advantage: can be done quickly, no major changes needed
  • Disadvantage: it can be confusing for the customers because there are two websites
  • Disadvantage: you have to maintain and pay for two websites

Solution 2: the shop becomes the main website

You can also move everything to [ADMIN_WEB_TITLE]. An online shop is actually a website, with web pages, texts, photos etc.

  • Advantage: efficient and economical because only one website must be maintained
  • Advantage: no confusion for your customers, everything is on one website
  • Disadvantage: all texts and photos must be transferred

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