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1 April 2024, 11:00

Yes, we're celebrating the 15th birthday of EasyWebshop! Some of you have been with us from the beginning, and we're very thankful for this loyality!

EasyWebshop goes live, initially under the name 1Shop.be.

We are the first platform to implement mobile friendly websites.

We host 5.000 webshops and become market leader in Belgium.

We are the first platform to offer Bitcoin, at the time valued around €100.

The POS app is launched, synchronizing orders online and offline.

The platform becomes available in 20 languages, translated by native speakers.

The Symcalia reservation system is launched.

A mayor layout update makes the new designs stunningly beautiful and super fast.

The new invoicing system automates boring tasks for entrepreneurs.

Our new powerful server cluster distributed over 5 countries goes live.

A bright future ahead

Despite worrying economical times, we are very optimistic about the future. New technologies are being developed which make the web more private and decentralized. Each of these new technologies make us less dependent and free us from control of big tech companies and tyrannical governments.

We foresee big changes in the payment industry with Lightning payments. The concept of social media is being revolutionized with new protocols like Nostr. And new approaches in making web content distributed will most probably change the hosting landscape.

As you've come to expect from us, we keep following latest and lasting trends. With EasyWebshop, you are always three steps ahead of the competition. Expect interesting new technologies and continues updates, all while we keep everything rock stable and backwards compatible.

Natural growth, with a bit of help

EasyWebshop is completely ad- and tracker free and we don't have expensive marketing campaigns that put annoying advertisements in peoples faces. Without marketing expenses we are able to offer a lot of value for the best price. We have always grown by satisfied customers telling on the story and we would like to continue this slow but natural growth.

For this, we really appreciate the help of our customers. The new Tell a friend system offers exceptionally high rewards for bringing on new webshops.

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